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Top 3 Picks For Your Organizations Outerwear

January 4, 2018

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Top Picks For Outerwear


During the winter season, organization leaders, clothing brands, corporate organizations, non-profits, for-profits and schools are on the lookout for new outerwear. Branding is important for all type of organization and having your members showcase your logo around town with your logo on their hoodies/jackets is a great way of marketing.


With a new year comes new gear for everyone! Impress Ink has made your decision easier by picking out the top 3 outerwear that our awesome clients love and trust! We picked these options while keeping in mind the different levels of budgets different organizations have. Our picks range from budget friendly to mid grade selections to premium fashion fit brands.


Gildan Full Zip Hoodie (G186)


The first option for our top 3 pick would be our Gildan Full Zip Hoodie. This hoodie is our first choice for organizations that have a lower budget but still want something that is good quality and durable. This option has about 21 different color options so you won’t be worried about being limited to colors. It also have 2 other companion options of YOUTH and LADIES sizing as well! Being made out of 50% polyester and 50% cotton, this hoodie contains the flexibility of polyester and also the durability of cotton. For those who are on a low budget, this hoodie would be the best option for you. It is cost effective but will get the job done in keeping you warm and cozy. The Gildan brand is known for it’s cost friendly products that gets the job done! This type of hoodie is more for small businesses who are starting out but want to start branding their company.


Fruit Of The Loom Softspun Hooded Sweatshirt


Our second option would be our Fruit of the Loom branded sweatshirt! We have to say that during the cold season, this hoodie will keep you warm and looking fashionable. With the two-toned look created by having a drawstring and inside hood lining, this hoodie adds colors to your outfit. With 19 different color options including one of our most favorite colors “Scuba Blue” this hooded sweatshirt will be best for those who are looking to “impress” the crowd!  Being 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester this hooded sweatshirt can feel much more durable than the Gildan hoodie, if durability is what you a really looking for. The Fruit of the Loom brand is a well known brand across the country for being soft and durable. This type of hoodie is recommended for organizations who really want to show off their brands.



Bella + Canvas Unisex Poly-Cotton Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie


The third and final garment that Impress Ink picked out would be the Bella + Canvas brand hoodie! Known for their innovative style and material, Bella + Canvas has positioned itself as one of the better quality premium brands in its industry.  The second you feel one of their hoodies; you know that this brand is no joke. This hoodie has about 35 different color options and different style of cuts. Changing up the colors of the sleeves and body really gives the person wearing it an extra sense of style. Being made out of 60% Ringspun cotton and 40% Polyester, this hoodie is super soft and refined. This hoodie is very lightweight and comfortable but will still keep you warm. This type of hoodie is more for clothing brands who are looking for that trendy style to print your artistic designs on.



Well there you have it! Our top 3 choices for outerwear to warm up your team/company during the cold season! Let us know if you agree or disagree with our choices!


Check out our video that we made to showcase our top three picks and our extra bonus item that we included in there as well!